Monday, May 5, 2014

Brahms - Complete Symphonies, Svetlanov & SRSO, Weitblick

Live recordings in Stockholm in 1980-1985
One of the most brilliant set of Brahms symphonies in recent years, even in the history.

Hi everyone, thanks for your support.I'd like to introduce you a new blog,Head Quarters of Classical Music,the official blog of From now on, all my post will be in HQclassical.You can learn how to browse the forum through the official blog.We will post selected representative recordings from HQclassical. If you want more, please join us, join HQclassical!


  1. I'm grateful for all you know, embrace and share, David. And I'm exhilarated by the next emergence in your musical life. I'm heading to HQ... and for all you explore and reveal for (and I hope with) us, you'll still be Dmitri to me.

    1. Thanks! That's so nice of you! Dmitri unites us! And trust me, HQclassical is fantastic!

    2. Thank you for sharing all your great recordings. Hope you will continue. One problem, though, with the new blog - What if you and your computer don't understand and can't communicate in Chinese?

    3. Thanks for your support. You can post in English, people in HQclassical understand English. And we will try to write tutorial for English speakers.

  2. So may I ask how you get an invitation code to join HQ?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Would you advise me how to join the HQ? Thank you.


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